Swain Productions is a multi-media marketing company working specifically with creative artists to curate content and encourage engagement. Our focus is to create an online presence that is marketable, reaches full potential to gain and maintain fans and helping clients better understand their demographic.
Most creatives want to focus on their craft and not bother with making a website, logos, campaigns and spanning all of these aspects across multiple social media platforms. No matter what field you’re in, consistent branding and comprehensible content is key to a successful online presence. It can also be confusing and difficult to outsource each piece of content separately. If you’re interested in reaching new fans, maintaining old ones, building a portfolio (be it photos, music, or graphics), searching for sponsors or endorsements, want an easily accessible website, or need consulting on how to build your brand, Swain Productions is your one stop shop.

The Keys to being Successful Online:
Consistent Branding
Organized and Timely Campaigns
Content your Demographic desires.

Services include:


Social Media Presence: Consistent branding across all social media platforms including website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Soundcloud, etc.

Branding kit: logo variations, color schemes, fonts & patterns used in web design, cover photos, business card mockups. Includes multiple file formats for future edits.

Press kit: Photos, Biography, Social Media Analytic Data, Contact info, Links to any interviews or marketable content.

Business Plan: Who are your followers? Where do they shop? What kind of music do they link? What can you do with this information? A step by step guide on who you are, what you stand for, and understanding the future of your business. Helps you understand what to do with all the above information. Includes template to edit as your goals change.

Tactical Campaigns: Creating and advertising your content. Reaching your specific demographic at specific times for optimal reach and engagement.

E-Commerce: Any sort of merchandise. T-shirts, Cds, Vinyl, Posters, Clothes, etc. We set you up with designs, mockups, products, and even set up payment services.

Notice: We thrive on collaborations. If you think you have something to offer Swain Productions or our clients, please do not hesitate to reach out. Contact [email protected] or see contact page.

Backstory: Tawny Swain is an internationally published model, music producer, and successful social media influencer working with brands such as Playboy, Maxim, TheChive, Skinny Bunny Tea, Trim down Tea, Skinny Coffee Club, DyMoore Skincare, Shiti Coolers, and many more. Through years of successfully marketing herself and turning Tawny Swain from a model into a full blown brand, she is now offering her expertise to Models, Musicians, Photographers, and all Creative Artist.