Influencer Toolkit

Influencer Toolkit

Hey Everyone! 

I get so many questions about my favorite tools for creating and editing my photos and stories for social media. I wanted to share all the things I use on a regular basis! 

  • UBeesize iPhone Tripod: This is my number one favorite item. It folds up to fit in any purse or backpack. It is reasonably priced and it stetchs out to be tall enough for anyone.

  • Bluetooth Camera Remote: I highly recommend to purchase extra bluetooth remotes. They are so small and easy to lose. I keep one on my keychain and in my office.

  • Ring Light: I am obsessed with this ring light! It is dimmable, with 3 light tones, and 11 different levels of brightness.

  • Lavalier Microphone: This is essential for recording audio especially for outdoors. If your audience can't hear you, all your work is a waste!

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