Healthy Weight Loss Hacks

Healthy Weight Loss Hacks

Hey everyone! If you have been following me on my social media, you know that i recently started my fitness journey! Its actually been a ton of fun, which I did not expect.

I’m sure you’ve heard that a healthy lifestyle is half exercise and half diet. Throughout my journey I’ve learned some amazing and HEALTHY habits. I thought I would share with you the tips that are easy and have helped me a ton along the way.

1.Brush your teeth after eating. Told ya! These are very *easy* tips. You’re less likely to keep munching on your leftovers or crave dessert if you clean you palate afterwords.

2. Drink water: I know, you’ve probably heard this 100 times. Truth is, when you think you are hungry, you might just be thirsty!

3. Smaller Plates: This has been my favorite hack. When you use a large plate, you instantly feel like you should finish everything on your dish. When you use a smaller plate you are tricking your mind into avoiding the urge to leave anything on the plate.

4. Chew your food: This sounds obvious. If you slow down and mindfully chew your food you are more likely to enjoy it! Food is nourishment for your body. Slow down and acknowledge the taste and texture. You’ll learn to really enjoy your food and *HACK* you won’t feel as bloated later.

5. Cut your servings in half: This tip relates to the using smaller plates hack. In the United States, serving sizes at restaurants are often a lot bigger than any dietician would recommend. When I go out to eat I typically ask for a to-go box right when I place my order or when my food comes. I immediately take half of my plate and take it to go. This is my favorite hack because you’re saving money by splitting your meal into 2 meals! Especially if you own an Airfryer because you’ll never have a soggy burger and fries ever again.

6. Avoid the bread: Trust me, I am a diehard lover of carbs. When I was vegan for several years, I would often substitute the meat with bread or pasta. If you go to a restaurant that serves free bread or chips before your meal, kindly ask them not to bring it to the table (be sure to mention it instantly so the food isn’t wasted). These are often cheap and lack of nutrition (which is why its “free”). It is a total waste of food and you won’t enjoy your meal as much.

7. Veggies are your friend: As I mentioned above, I was a vegan for several years. It is totally OK to have a day, meal, or several meals without meat. Depending on your lifestyle, you probably don’t need as much “protein” as you think. Therefore, you don’t HAVE to have meat with every meal! Opt for vegetarian options when you feel like it. It will be easier on your wallet, your body, and the environment.