Welcome GoodnessBot!

Welcome GoodnessBot!

In today’s age of social media, bullying is at an all-time high with the security blanket of not having to say hateful things to one’s face. It is safe to say we have all been bullied. Even bullies get bullied. As a result, its an endless cycle of hate that can have negative life-altering effects on children and adults.

I recently became aware of a Twitter account called @TheGoodnessBot. Created by the one and only Monica Lewinsky. The @GoodnessBot is an automated Twitter account that transforms online hate into love. Therefore, making the internet a kinder and safer place. When tagged in reply to a bullying tweet, it generates a similar version of the offending tweet but changes the key negative words and phrases into sweeter and more gentle words.

Above all, I was blown away by this discovery. It is encouraging to see the promotion of anti-bullying become more popular than ever. Become an ally and be sure to follow the @GoodnessBot on Twitter.

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