Things I Love About Myself

Things I Love About Myself
  • I make environmental friendly decisions
    • I compost my scraps
    • I turn the water off when I brush my teeth
    • I use my water bottle over plastic
    • I bring my own bag to grocery store
    • I walk over driving as often as possible
  • I show kindness to those around me
    • I smile at strangers
    • Feed the homeless
    • Tell my friends I love them
    • I spend time with my family
  • I am humble
    • I find happiness in little things such as sunshine and coffee
    • I say “thank you” everyday
    • I keep a gratitude journal
  • I am Confident
    • I know the Universe has my back
    • I don’t tolerate being treated badly
    • I apologize when I am wrong
  • I am creative
    • I can create anything in a moments notice
    • I share my ideas with others

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