Interview with The Native Society

Interview with The Native Society

Hey everyone! I hope you are all doing well. Last week I was so excited when Oliver Estreich from The Native Society asked to interview me. Below is a copy of the interview. The original can be found here.

Be sure to give their blog a peak! I hope you enjoy!


Tawny Swain is an internationally published model and entrepreneur. Now an Atlanta native after graduating with a bachelors degree in Music Business, she runs her own digital marketing firm, Swain Productions, LLC. Her hobbies include audio production, charity work, and computer programming.

Turn ons/ Turn offs:

My biggest turn on is a guy with great manners. I love a man who opens car doors, remembers the little things, and always tips the waiter generously! As far a turn offs, I cannot stand a lazy person. As a gemini, I am always on the go and cannot stand to be bored. I need someone who can keep up!

Most common Quarantine Activity:

Cooking! I love getting creative with vegetarian dishes.

Favorite Quarantine show/movie:

I have such a love for entertainment. I have enjoyed catching up on my favorite shows. Breaking Bad has been my all time favorite binge but I’ve also enjoyed Westworld and The Leftovers. I recently just started watching all the Star Wars movies in order.

Favorite Instagram accounts:

I’m always keeping up with some of my favorite models. @Khloe , @allisongreen, @stefaniegurzanski, @stephclairesmith

Favorite quarantine meal & drink:

Salad and red wine!

In a relationship or single during Quarantine- how is it working out?

Right before quarantine started, I got engaged! I have loved spending quality time with my fiancé. He is also in the entertainment industry so it has been a ton of fun getting creative together and starting our own projects.

First thing you’ll do once isolation is over…

My birthday is right around the corner, June 17th! I hope to have all my friends and family together for a fun night of food, drinks, music, and dancing!

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