How to Straighten a Skewed Image

How to Straighten a Skewed Image

1. Import your photo into Lightroom. 

2. In the menu at the bottom of the screen, swipe over to Geometry and tap it. Then look for the Upright menu. 

3. Here’s where the fun begins: The various options in the Upright menu will adjust your photos automatically! Toggle through Auto, Level, Full, and Vertical to see which one perfects your pic.

If you need to undo anything, tap the left-facing arrow at the top of the screen. And if your adjustment introduces black edges around your photo, toggle on Constrain Crop. That’ll keep everything in frame. 

4. Should you prefer to make these adjustments yourself, use the manual controls in the Geometry tab to adjust vertical and horizontal orientations, rotate your photo, change the aspect and scale, and more. 

Lightroom has tons of other tools and tricks, of course. Fix your perspective first, then go explore.

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