11 Small Business Tax Deductions

11 Small Business Tax Deductions

Are you a small business owner? Then this is essential information just for you! Here are 11 Small Business Tax Deductions you must know about! I wish I knew about these when I first started Swain Productions. I hope these are useful for you! 

  1. Home Office– % of home you utilize or $5 per SQFT.

  2. Phone & Internet Bills– % used for business purposes. If its all for business it can be 100%

  3. Meals– Travel or client related. 50% of cost deductible. Keep the receipts!

  4. Travel– can be 100% deductible. Must be an overnight trip.

  5. Vehicle– Mileage rate or actual expense. 

  6. Interest– Can include business loans, purchases, or credit card.

  7. Education– Must be for current business and used for improving your business skills.

  8. Insurance– Any insurance that is business related.

  9. Rent– 100% of office space.

  10. Start-up Costs- Up to $5,000 to get started. Can include consultants or attorney fees.

  11. Advertising– Facebooks ads, google ads, website costs. Yes! You can write off your Facebook ads!

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