10 Productive Hobbies to Start Now

10 Productive Hobbies to Start Now

Now is a great time to pick up a new skill. It is easy to get caught up with unproductive hobbies such as watching TV or going to bars. Below I’ve listed 10 hobbies that will make you smarter and happier!

Graphic Design: There is no other industry standard that compares to Adobe. The Adobe Creative Cloud is a suite of services and applications from Adobe Systems. It provides clients a collections of software programs useful for graphic design, video editied, web design, digital photography, plus a group of mobile apps and some discretionary cloud services. 

Audio Production: There are tons of tutorials on youtube. If you’re on a budget start with an DAW (digital audio workstation) such as Gargeband. If this is something you’ve always been interested in, feel free to invest in a more intensive DAW such as Ableton or Logic Pro X. Nothing else is required unless you prefer playing with an instrument. Stay tuned for a post that goes into more detail on this topic. 

Exercise: My favorite way to exercise is outside. Pick up a hula hoop or jump rope and head outside! I also love the company Tone It Up. I have been following the 2 girls from Tone It Up since they first started like 10 years ago! I highly recommend their products like their resistance band.

Cooking: Check out my favorite recipes here!

Web Design: Web Design is the art of designing the visual parts of the website. For instance, the pages, their layout, forms etc. It involves defining every aspect of the look and functionality of the website and requires implementation of visual design principles and consideration of user experience. So, a web designer creates a design that is visually appealing and at the same time works well for the user.

Coding: If web design intrigued you, coding might also catch your interest. I personally love Web development., is the actual process of creating the website. Web development is the process of writing code and scripts that bring the web design to life. In other words, web development enables.web design. A web developer needs great programming and coding skills to bring the design that a web designer has created to a reality. However, there are many different types of coding languages such as HTML, CSS, PYTHON, and more. Check out Code Academy to get started.

Reading: There are so many reasons that reading is good for you! I highly recommend Amazon’s Kindle Unlimited. It consist of unlimited reading from over 1 million ebooks and unlimited listening to thousands of audiobooks.  You can read on any device and membership plans are also giftable!! Click here to get your first month free!

Writing: I recently found a love for these writing prompts journals like this. It is also a great conversation tool to use with friends!

New Language: DuoLingo is the best app ever! Duo-lingo lessons adapt to your learning style. Exercises are tailored to help you learn and review vocabulary effectively.

Crafts: Try out some crafts such a knitting or painting. Crafts are great because you might create something you’ll have for ever or because something useful!


What hobbies will you pick up? What are some things you enjoy that I left out on this list? Check out my social media links below and let me know! 



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